My emo 5yo is also kinda funny

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My son cracks me up, where does he get some of his corkers from?! Yesterday we were watching an ad on tv for a mobile phone company and it mentioned free twitter access. Finn says to me, "you use twitter Mum I saw it on your computer. If you use twitter, does that make youuuuu... a twit?"

Erm. Yes, quite probably babe...

My favourite was when I was pregnant and J was telling him how amazing pregnancy was and he said to F "carrying a baby is the most special thing you can do!" F thought about it a minute and then replied with this gem - "Yeah... except for having a sausage sizzle at my school!"

Well, yes I suppose that IS quite a but more miracuolous than growing and sustaining HUMAN LIFE within your OWN BODY. Geez Kiddo!!!!!

He is so fickle as well, he thinks nothing of telling J or I that he loves the other more. Depending on current mood of course. He watches for the reactions too, the flicker of hurt on his parents face when he delivers the blow that he loves the other more today. I suspect he likes to experiment a little with human emotions and reactions, a little like his psych major mother, only more cruel...

He has his entire future mapped out. On weekdays he is going to be a teacher - possibly instructing on how to build fire engines but this is still being debated - On Saturdays he is going to be in a band like Greenday to perform and write songs. On Sundays he will be an astronaut. I said he would be so busy, and asked when I would get to see him and he said "Oh I will still come home sometimes. You know, for supper and stuff..."

He already practices the rockstar thing with true fervor, he has written songs this weekend called 'Life as a Farmer' ("you might love it but you might get siiiiiiiick of it!") and '4 different words' ("talkin about it!" - thats only 3 but thats simply ironic right!?). He performs them wearing a cowboy hat and singing into a stick. The kid rocks hard.

Honestly, all I can do is watch him with a gobsmacked look on my face somedays, the character he shows is just hilarious. I can hear him now, bossing his father around and telling him that he is not listening properly, and if he keeps it up he will go to his room (which F says is not our bedroom, thats mine alone apparently, J has been informed his room is the laundry). He is going to be such a handful as a teenager. And as an adult as well no doubt.

So long as I get to see my Teacher/Rockstar/Astronaut for supper and stuff.


Megs said...

God he's such a funny, smart, gorgeous kid Kell. One very special boy!

Queen Belicious said...

This post makes me dread Neek talking.

If you want me, I'll be hiding under my doona in my bedroom.

April said...

LMAO, Classic! I love the things he comes out with

Lucy said...

Oh that post was truly hilarious! He is going to be a handful as a teenager! So wise for only 5!

Anonymous said...

Kel,F is by far the smartest funniest kid I have ever heard of.I love reading the corkers he can come up with..And pffttt carrying a baby being important sausage sizzles are faaarrr more important..


JD said...

Well, it IS hard to beat a sausage Too funny that J's room is the laundry.

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