Masters = Done!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ka loo Ka lay! Its finished, done, dusted. All that is left is to print and bind and post and masters is SUBMITTED. Ohhh the relief!

So it was late, I am so proud that I got it done through IVF, an IVF pregnancy, birth, newborn and Mums diagnosis and treatment... I STILL got the fucker done. I am going to do my head in for a few weeks now waiting for a mark. Honestly, if I just pass I will be stoked. I think I will. But then, I am actually unsure if and how I will be penalised for the lateness so we'll see I suppose!

I came up with a name for the fiction that I am happy with, and I think it is only fitting it is also an album name (TTP of course!) given the hours of music that I listened to writing. I am so over looking at it so i am just going to do one final read through then print!



Teneal said...

Congrats Kel! You are a superstar getting it done in amongst all that.

Can you ask for special consideration for the lateness due to your circumstances? I think having a baby is a pretty good reason!

Leila said...

Congratulations! You must feel so relieved.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kel :) just finished reading your latest instalment in PP as well. Looking forward to next month's one now.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! You are a superstar!

Shinejil said...

Ah, so there's hope! Great! (from a pregnant IF blogger hoping to finish her dissertation before the sun supernovas in a couple billion years)

Queenie. . . said...

Congratulations!!! That's HUGE news!

kayoz said...

Oh Congratulations Kel, that's awesome! Though I should warn you - I didn't get mine back for nearly 6 months (it arrive in November!). Hopefully they'll be a bit more organised for you.
Hey I am about to complete my last subject too - does this mean we could graduate together and actually meet? (Where would that be anyway, Geelong?)

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