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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Over the years I have given vague thought to inking myself up, but have never truly been keen and never really pursued the thought beyond vague ideas. But the one tattoo I did consider has grown and grown on me and I suddenly have a very strong desire to get it done.

I want it on my inner right wrist, and perhaps unsurprisingly given my bloggyness, I want it to be a cherry blossom branch, with either the word Natsukashii, the kanji for natsukashii or both.

These are designs of cherry blossom tatts I do like:

first design

second design

third design

(My finalised and inked tattoo can be seen here )

Only obviously smaller and wrist appropriate! You can read about my fascination with cherry blossoms and the word natuskashii in my blog entry from way back HERE. I had forgotten that even then the tattoo idea was brewing, well, you can't say I have not given it due thought!

If you can design art and want to have a go at a tatt design for me, PLEASE do so, but don't be offended if I don't ink it, it has to be perfect!!!


Grayci said...

Ooh sounds lovely Kell. I want a cherry blossom branch too - but I can't decide where.

I like #2 design out of those 3 but its so hard cos there are so many variations of cherry blossoms. Hope you find the perfect one for you!

(this is Gretchen BTW)

katie said...

the third one is beautiful but i think the second is the most wrist-appropriate!

JD said...

Ohh, do it! My wrist tattoo would have to be my favourite, I'm considering getting the other done.

Anita said...

The third is my favourite style; though I wonder at how you'd do a branch on your wrist, it might look like the branch is coming out of nowhere? Would you consider cherry blossoms without a branch?

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