Dreaming repressed emotion

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lately I have found myself in dreams where I am screaming at people in absolute fury. Any number of reasons, which are usually irrelevant but I am not just angry in these dreams, I am absolutely livid and screaming in anger. I know that dreams are a safe way of venting pent up or repressed emotion, but what on earth am I so angry about that it is so intense and concentrated?! It is somewhat disconcerting, for sure.

Last night, I had a dream that there were loads of people on a beach, and out at sea, there was a cow stuck, drowning and it was bellowing in a horrible moan. People were distraught and upset, yet no one was brave enough to save it. Then my boyfriend - played by Johnny Depp (I'm not even kidding!) - went out on his surfboard with his mates and managed to rescue it. People were relieved and went back to the nearby restaurant. When I walked in, they were all back to their steaks. I lost it. I screamed at them asking how many of them had been affected and upset by that moaning, drowning cow? They all raised their hands. I said "then how the hell can you come back here and eat steak like it's not remotely related???" They looked at me as though I were insane. One friend rolled her eyes and said "take it easy, it's totally different." I got in her face and screamed at her: "you don't think that the cows in the yard at the slaughterhouse, waiting their turn in the run, hearing those before them executed, don't feel the same fear as that cow in the ocean??? You don't think they feel fear and terror in the same way?" Then I threw her plate across the room and stormed out.


Then I dreamed I went to a New Kids On The Block concert so I don't know. That's REAL anger :)


Emma said...

Just a small insight as to how passionate you are about the subject I guess? Better than a nightmare though ;)

FeistyKel said...

True. Dreams are so odd in general. Fascinating though.

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