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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection. ~Buddha

I've been thinking a lot lately, about what my truth is. What I know is right and good for me, even if it isn't for everyone else. Even if others don't see or value it. Sometimes when people reject me, I lose sight of those. My beliefs and confidence in myself is shaken and I am no longer certain of what or who I am. So, I thought while I am feeling fairly in control, I might write a list of my top ten truths. Things I know to be true about myself, no matter what else is going on, or how shaken I am.

1. I am strong and resilient. Even when I don't think I can cope with something, I can. I surprise myself.

2. I am loving and giving. I have a generous heart and I love with all of it. Sometimes it gets me into trouble, but it's true to who I am, I can't change it even if I want to.

3. I am a loyal and true friend. My friends mean everything to me, and I'll defend them and be there for them any time, for any reason. It's a solid part of my character.

4. I am aware. I think things over to make sure the decision is right for me.

5. I want to improve myself and I strive to do so. I try to learn from life. I try to better who I am.

6. I'm a rescuer and a helper. It can be dangerous, but I like helping people less fortunate than myself, or who are having a tough time of things.

7. I am funny! I like to laugh, I love to have fun. I want to be happy. This really isn't a given. Sometimes, and for the past time, I have been miserable so often it has seemed like I wanted to be. I don't. I want to be happy. 

8. I care. Deeply. I feel things, deeply.

9. I am passionate. Feisty. Everything I do, I do with gusto. I get feisty and passionate about the things I believe in. I like that about myself, even when it's controversial.

10. I have so much to offer the world. Smarts, friendship, love, honour, trust, respect... If people let that go, it's not a slight on me. It's on them. I am worth it.

Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. 
~Richard Bach

Thanks to Julie at Beautiful You for the idea. :)


Leila Howell said...

Beautiful Kell, just like you xx

Emma M said...

That is the girl I know and love, I'm so glad you know her too. <3

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