Life long dreams

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is your life long dream? Something you have always wanted, for as long as you can remember. That has eluded you either with time or money constraints, or just life getting in the way? What thing do you yearn for? What is it that time and time again you come back to wanting and researching and dreaming of?

For me, it has always been Italy. I think it started as a small child. I had Italian neighbours, and we learned Italian language at school. That planted the seed. Then over time, my yearning to see Rome increased. In 2002, I got a job as a nanny in Italy, and booked a flight, ordered my passport... And then I found out I was pregnant with Finn and cancelled the lot. Twice more since then, I have planned trips. I made bookings and all. I never seem to follow it through.

There is yet another chance that it may eventuate soon. I might get there sooner than I anticipated. I hope like hell this comes through. Keep positive thoughts headed my way that it all falls into place this time...

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