Week 1 - January Photo A Day Challenge

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Here are my pictures from this weeks Photo A Day Challenge from Telle at Fat Mum Slim. I love her creative prompts, it's so much fun each day thinking about the prompt and what I might do with it. Love! Enjoy week 1!

Day 1 - You. My favorite feature.

Day 2 - Breakfast. I love that the coffee is bigger than the porridge!

Day 3 - Something You Adore. The relationship between my children. Beautiful.

Day 4 - Letterbox.

Day 5 - Something You Wore. I got this bracelet from Tiffany & Co when I was in New York last May. It is full of memories and makes me feel wistfully happy.

Day 6 - Makes You Smile. This makes me giggle, I'm not sure whether it's all the exciting parcels he brings me or the cute guy himself, but parcel man makes me smile!!!

Day 7 - Favourite. I love hotels. I love getting away. I love travel. This was a mini break we took to Melbourne for the weekend. Going places is my favourite way to spend money!!


Diane said...

Love, love!!! These are wonderful!!! Our delivery guy is a crack up!! Not physically attractive to me, but mentally stimulating!!!

Lisa said...

Fantastic! This is such a cool idea. :)

ElleWatts said...

I need to take your lead.

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