Final week - Jan Photo A Day Challenge

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here are the last of my photos from FatMumSlim's January Photo A Day Challenge. Telle has also developed a list for February that I think I will take up, since it's the only source of blog inspiration I have lately. :/ Week 1's photos are here, 2 is here and 3 is here.

Day 22 - Your Shoes

Day 23 - Something Old. This was a ring of Mums, too tiny for my fingers!

Day 24 - Guilty Pleasure. My favorite soap drama, Neighbours. Love it. The only TV I watch, really!

Day 25 - Something You Made. I was creative here, since I don't really make stuff...

Day 26 - Colour. OPI Purple With A Purpose.

Day 27 - Lunch.

Day 28 - Light.

Day 29 - Inside Your Fridge. Note the controversial vegemite.

Day 30 - Nature. My strawberry plant in the rain.

Day 31 - You... Again.

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