My sister is awesome

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My sister is the best. She knows I am stuck on liquids and purees for a bit, so she sent me a fantastic gift. A juicer!!!!!

The accompanying card made me teary...

So today I decided to give it a run. So much fun. Here I am all set to juice. I have chopped up apples with skin removed (probably not necessary but my tum is still sensitive), peeled chopped carrot, celery pieces and 2 peeled and quartered oranges.

Put it all in and prepare to hit go.

Voila, 3 seconds later...

Oops, I let it sit a sec whilst I did the dishes and clean up.

No matter, a brisk stir and we are back to this glorious orange color!

Let me assure you it tasted AMAZING. I am stoked. Thank you sister, dear xxx

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Diane said...

Oh girl!! As your tum begins to feel better, add greens to boost the nutrients! A favorite of mine is pear, apple, carrot and kale or spinach. The fruits and carrot mask the tart of the greens. Check out for excellent smoothie recipes. You can use most as juicing by removing the ice and thickener.

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