Travel Snap Tuesday

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Indulge me this week, if you will. My TST post is in advance. This Saturday, I am flying up, up, and away and over to the USA. I am verrrry excited! In fact, I am almost packed already, and it's Tuesday.

I'm looking forward to LA for shopping, relaxing, and celebrity fun (stars, tussauds etc).

The LA leg of the trip is likely to be a little more relaxed and cruisy as I adjust to the dreaded jetlag. And just as I get it together, I fly to New York, and face another time challenge. Gah!

New York is packed full of things I want to see. I intend to be on the go almost endlessly. I have Broadway tickets! And there is so much I want to see here. I am squeesploding!

So, I will be away for a little after today, I am going to miss my kids desperately, but I know they'll enjoy the change of pace and novelty of having their Dad as PC for a bit. I'll be back to bore you senseless with anecdotes before I know it.

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