What's news? Part 1

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So, I wrote this entry up as my news story for the week. How could I not choose the Royal Wedding right? It was massive news! Then some guy was killed yesterday that sort of booted it from the headlines. I'm publishing it anyway, I want to think about the good news as well as the bad this week, and a wedding is the perfect thing.

I am not a Royals fan. I'm not a monarchist, I am a supporter for an Australian republic, so, I was fairly indifferent to the entire thing. Meh, whatevs. But, I figured that for historys sake, and because Finn had been studying at school, I'd put it on the telly. Well. There I was, still glued to the set at 1030pm that night, waiting for the balcony kiss. Well and truly suckered in. The pomp and ceremony to it all fascinates me, and whilst I can't help but wish they'd show a little... well.. passion and emotion? I understand the cool Brits are doing the Royal thing and that's how they roll. The horses, carriages, fancy cars, royal guards, the outfits, the glamor, the wtf of it all... It was fun to watch, I have to say.

I watched it whilst on twitter, live time tweeting with others from around the world watching the same thing. United in horror by Tara Palmer-Tomkinsons 'vagina' hat, swooning at pretty but dumb Becks (and how did Posh get that hat to stay on her forehead?!), delighting in the steal the show bridesmaid, Pippa, and sighing over the beautiful bride. And Catherine sure did make a beautiful bride. Tasteful, glamorous, yet with enough tradition to satisfy the older monarchists. She was born for royalty. She is effortlessly gliding into her new role, and Wills was a sweet and shy, so reminiscent of his Mother, Di. It was pretty gorgeous all round, really.

The topper for me? Harry. It's gotta be Harry. He's the Royal we all relate to. The larrikin, mischievous, ratbag. I loves me some Prince Harry. Know what I did today? Bought Who Magazine. I think I'm becoming a Royal fan after all. Sucker.


-A said...

Harry was my favorite too. He made me swoon. The grin. It was all about the grin and joy on his face.

I'm glad you listened to us and stayed up for the balcony kiss "just because" - at least it was only 1030 where you were! :)

Mrs J said...

OMG!! I didn't visualise Tara PT's hat as a vag but now that I've looked again... we could call her Super Vag, to me she looks like some kind of superhero.

The scariest outfit for me was the staghorn hat thing that Princess Beatrice wore http://itlookblog.onsugar.com/tag/beatrice-of-york it has even earned its own FB group!

I was totally sucked in by the royal wedding, not only did I watch it live but I recorded it in HD so I can watch it again and again. Couldn't sleep last night so I moved out to the lounge and hit replay, fell asleep during the ceremony and totally missed God Save the Queen - did you see how terrified Carole Middleton looked as she sang it?? PMSL!

Leesa said...

Hahahah I am so glad that you got hooked lol I just loved it and gosh all the romance and love in the air how could you not. I hope these two live a long and happy life together :))

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