Time no time, where do i find some time?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have writing ideas brewing, floating aimlessly around my head, and I am desperate to write but I simply do not have time. With a 6 month old just developing separation anxiety, a 5 year old turning 6 in a few weeks, school runs (or even more dauntingly from this Thursday - school holidays), Mum's cancer and treatment, general daily chores and sleep - I just do not get any solid chunks of time to write at all. I actually wonder how the hell that masters got done. I am so tired in the evenings I just want to crash and/or read and chillax. I tried to write at 5am when I got up with RJ but it prevented her from falling back to sleep and that is a Very Bad Thing. So what and how do I do this? At the moment, just a short story would be great! :(

JD I am looking especially at you - how do you manage writing your second novel with little L??? Will it be done pre-Pepper?

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JD said...

I write after Levi's gone to sleep, it is the only time I have. The only way it can be done, I reckon. And caffeine helps. LOTS of caffeine. I told my publisher I'd have it finished by the beginning of August (Pepper's due date)- but as I think Pepper will arrive in two weeks, that means I have 2 weeks to write 15000ish words. CRAP. I dont want to think about that anymore.

Oh, and there were plenty of choice words said about the party situation- but my Mum reads my blog ;)

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