The pitfalls of magnetic letters

Friday, June 26, 2009

AKA Another reason I am a Bad Mother.

Hmm. Yesterday, F and I discussed swear words as I explained he could not play the Green Day DVD at his party because most people don't like swear words. He asked what words were swear words. I said, "the F word, shit, bloody..." (that is plenty to tell!) He said "and.. stupid!" Well okay, yes why not?

He then went off to play. Today I was making breakfast and I paused as I opened the fridge door.

"Umm, F, could you come here a sec?" In he trotted. "What's this about?" I asked gesturing my Vegemite knife at the fridge door.

"Oh, I decided to make you a swear word in case you felt like seeing one."
"Oh right. Well. Thanks?"
"You're welcome. And look, if you move theeeeese... tada! Another one!!"

"Oh so it is... Err.. clever you?"

And off he went. Please remind me to move it after showing J, but well before the party when my house is filled with Montessori parents...


Belinda said...

PMSL too funny.
I needed some light relief today, thanks.

Gab* said...

Oh no! Would be very hard to not laugh, or at least find it amusing.

JD said...

Hee hee. And I didn't start making swear words from our fridge magnets until I moved out of home. Clever boy you've got there :P And I love the "in case you felt like seeing one". lol.

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

You just made my day a trillion times over. I love it. And I love that you put photos as well.

Oh F! Such cuteness. x

J-Rock said...

OMG that is SO funny! I hope my son will do that when he gets older too!! Thanks for the laugh!

J-Rock (ThatDamJonGuy)

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