Bloody Hell!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

How is this for worrying!?!?

My results were out today, the sms came through just after 530pm.

Erm. It says I failed Editing!!! 34, Fail. It says!!! I checked online at 6pm, same deal. Wtf?!!?! I emailed my lecturer and said given I got credits and distinctions for all my assignments, what the?! I am sure it is wrong, but still I can't help think, god did I miss an entire assessment piece or!?!? Bah! Not happy!!!

That aside, I did well for the rest! Ds and HDs. Woot! Thrilled to bits with that. Given its postgrad, full time and I have a child home with me all but a few hours a week - I rock!! Very happy.

Just fix the grade already! Argh!!


oelare said...

Try again...sorry.

Congratulations! Fantastic results!

I hope that the Editing mark is just a typo or something as equally ironic. Administrative errors do happen!

FeistyKel said...

Has to be! I added up my assignment marks and I got 66/100. So that is all there was, and thats not 34! Bah!

Grace said...

That is appalling!! Fingers crossed it'll be fixed soon :)

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