F bear's 2009 end year school report

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As expected, the kid is smart. Uber smart!!!

He excels in Maths, Reading/Comprehension/Writing, and Science. He lags slightly in P.E. His effort and behaviour in every class was rated very good or excellent. Can't ask for more than that!

It will be interesting seeing him transition now from Montessori to state school. Freaked out about the decision a bit. Seeing so much potential in this school report, I hope that he continues to thrive equally well. I intend to make sure he is supported at home as much as possible in doing so.

He is reading waaaay above average. Years above, literally, according to the VELS scale. Ditto maths. I can support the reading back to front, blindfolded and inside out. The maths though!? I don't do maths. I hate maths. This will prove challenging. I know there are books I can get, fun sticker, activity books, still... Eek.

Science is his current avid interest. According to his report, he is especially interested in zoology. Life cycles, habitats, features etc of all kinds of animals and insects and so on. Coooool. Mini beasts.

He is also very interested in physics, and geography, especially social geography. So disappointed I can't take him to the U.S. with me. :(

Suggestions including getting him to map a trip we are doing, board games, adding various denominations to $1.00, give him a faux $ amount to spend and some catalogues and let him choose things to buy that will equal the allocated amount.

Also, more art and craft, more reading and discussion of the books he reads, more talking about various cultures and customs, more at home yoga (!), more physical activities (get him into a regular after hours activity), more kneading, plasticine, and juicing oranges (!) to improve his hand muscles.

The best bit, was his music report. ROFLOL. He is at the higher end of average (a decent music program at the bloody school would have helped... grr) but it says he chose drums for his compositions, and is very familiar with percussion stuff. How you can help your child for this area? Suggestions: offer opportunities for him to learn an instrument (check!), continue to provide recorded or live music listening experiences in a range of musical styles (check!), "if the opportunity arises, attending local performances or concerts can offer memorable moments (checked so hard! Woot! GREEN DAY ON MONDAY!)

So, I'm not a bogan parent. The monty school TOLD me to take him!!! HA!

So freaking proud of my boy. The potential is enormous. Because of the zoology and geography interests and the current science kick (thank you, Sid the Science Kid!) we will make some trips over the holidays to the museum, scienceworks, zoo and so forth.

Any more ideas for fostering this amazing brain, please share them. Places, activities, things that will further help him reach the potential. which at the moment, seems totally uncapped. I am excited for him!


Leila said...

Thats awesome Kell! You must be one proud Mum :)

Kellee said...

Wow - how proud you must be! I wish I were nearby, I was totally good at the maths. When I was in 2nd grade I was at something stupid like a beginning college level of understanding of math.

What an exciting road he has ahead of him, I hope you both enjoy it!

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