Tuesday, February 5, 2008

That's me. Lady. Finn has come out with a couple of gems this week.

Firstly, we were playing a game and I started tickling him and, as he calls it, "harassing and haranguing" him. He decided to get revenge, and before launching himself into a full body tackle, he piped up with: "Right!! Listen lady, I am gonna get you!"
I laughed too hard to resist the ensuing tackle!

Then yesterday, he wanted to draw me a picture. He was rather excited about the subject of his drawing, and as he raced off, full of excitement, to pen it, he exclaimed: "When you see this... Lady, you are gonna FLIP!"

Bwaahaahaa! So funny!


Kat said...

Our out of the mouths of babes, Lady!! LOL

Finn never ceases to amaze me with his learning Kel you are an amazing mum.


Merrill aka Mez said...

Too cute! xx

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