Meet Jumbo!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Introducing Jumbo, Finn's imaginary friend. He can grow to the size of Finn and shrink back down to the size of Finn's little finger in 30 seconds! He ALWAYS has a bath at the same time as Finn, and so I have to get Finn out, wrap his towel around him, then get Jumbo out, wrap his towel around him (extra amusing when hes little finger size!) and then send them both on their way. When Jumbo is small, he travels on top of Finn's head.

After one bath, Finn had moved on the bath mat and left wet footprints. I thought it would be fun and cute and clever to tell Finn they were Jumbo's - how amazing! Finn gave me a look that was both confusion and scorn and said "Mama, Jumbo is IMAGINARY, he can't leave footprints, those are mine!" Silly old Mama!!!

Sometimes he plays with Jumbo, and talks about him, but Jumbo is a fair-weather friend, only appearing when it suits Jumbo, not when Finn is REALLY bored and needing someone to play with. Not when it would be helpful, thats for sure!

So Jumbo, your presence would be welcomed these school holidays, in places other than the bath too! When I hear that "I'm bored.. what can I do?" (a new one for Finn admittedly) I can suggest he play with you! :P

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