E Book

'The Result of Coercion' Ebook is a mix of fiction and non-fiction based stories. Topics of infertility, parenting, love, and history are explored in narrative form. Targeting an adult audience, through to a young adult piece, The Result of Coercion is a collection that has something for every reader. It is available for purchase on Kindle at Amazon, or you can email me to purchase a word or PDF version for $4.99 - Please don't share it around, I am a starving (sort of) artist!

Feedback on the stories in the Ebook:

"An interesting and clearly written account of an emotionally powerful topic." - David McCooey, Australian poet, critic, and academic.

"A powerful, moving story, beautifully written and crafted and containing profound insights. This narrative is brave, daring and speaks what is often not spoken - and for many (including me) this is a quality that draws them to the reading of fiction: we want to read what doesn't get said in every day communication. In this respect, this work makes an achievement and does so in an aesthetically pleasing way." - Poet and writer, Joanne Scicluna.

"Strong and distinctive work." - Author, Gaylene Perry.

"Your sense of voice and emotional intensity/anxiety is top notch." - Liz Parsons, Lecturer for Writing for Young Adults, Deakin University.